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About Luminous

We have produced an automatic welding defect detection system, which is a computer software application, using Radiation Sourced images. Our software can take the image of a pipe with its welding defects and compare it to an optimal database where the “perfect” constitution of the image is stored, and indicate deficiencies in real-time, using Machine Learning Algorithms (ML). Our proposed method for automatic detection and classification of faults and defects in the radiographic images of welded joints is attained through an exposure technique of double-wall image (DWDI). 


Business Description

Luminous product is a software application to be offered on an annual subscription basis. The proposed method consists of preliminary radiographical images, subsequently fed through our software to detect anomalies and flaws in real-time. It is a computer-aided software for automatic fault detection using Radiation Sourced images. This proposed software contributes towards the improvement of automatic detection and assists weld inspectors in the preparation of technical reports.



Luminous Application

A solution to do a non-destructive test on the welding area of pipelines to interpret and show any defect happened. Using computer technology, it saves costs for the companies by deleting the normal procedure steps and saving time. Using the source of Big Data, it will present a specific outcome, which will empower the users to have an idea of the dangerous and risky defect before they face with it.


Our mission is to promote the value of learning and to use all our resources in developing weld inspection techniques based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the web in order to reduce professional inspection risks, increase inspection speed, increase inspection accuracy & quality and reduce and prevent interruptions in project implementation.


Our goal is to be the industry's first choice when it comes to industrial weld inspection, engineering technology, technical services, and providers of non-destructive testing in North America or even worldwide.

Luminous Creative Team


Hooman Hosseinpour



Heshmatollah Maleki

Managing Director


Khaled Matoorianpour

General Manager


Mehdi Parazaran

Director of Operations


Mohammadreza Matoorianpour

Director of Product Design